I honestly cannot think back to a time where I was this happy with someone. I can pretty much tell him everything without him thinking less of me, I love that he can tell when I am sad, mad etc. I honestly believe that we were meant to meet. He is not perfect, but neither am I. For years I had a picture in my head of someone who I would like to be with and he's not who I pictured at all. But I like that he isn't, I like that life changed it up like that. Its like when Fionna was expecting a prince and got Shrek instead, but look at them now? They're married and with kids and she couldn't be happier. We have our ups and downs, as do all relationships, I do not regret the day I met him and I do not regret the day I started to fall for him. I can say with full confidence that I do not wish to be with anyone else other than him, hopefully he feels the same. I will do just about anything to see him smile, which is rather beautiful if you asked me! He gets me more than anyone else has. I long for the day we get to meet for the first time because on that day I'll be the happiest person in history.
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 Hey guys! Today I’m reviewing a couple of items that were sponsored by the lovely  BornPrettyStore . 

BornPrettyStore is an online store that basically sells everything for a cheap price. They sell things such as polish, makeup, watches, clothing, phone cases, contact lenses, hell even home and garden tools! The shipping is also free


This is what the items came in

This is what was inside of the envelope. I love how its so wrapped in secure. It seems really professional.

The first item I’m going to review is this ring. It came in a little plastic bag!

this is how the front looks. Doesn’t this look familiar??

If you watch Vampire Diaries, then I’m sure that you’re well aware that this ring belongs to Damon Salvatore

This is how it looks at the back

This is how it looks on the side

This is how it looks on the side

this is how it looks close up on my fingers.

It fell off of my small coffee table and it broke. The coffee table isn’t high up and it didn’t fall hard. Although it doesn’t feel cheap(at all) it’s really fragile.

It does not feel cheap at all. But it’s really fragile, I wasn’t expecting it to break so easily. I have some cheaper jewelry and I’ve dropped them many times and neither of them have broken. For that I’ll give this:

The fitting was absolutely perfect. I have no issues with it, I can slide it on and off easily. It isn’t too big or too small, it’s honestly just right for me. As you can clearly see by my photos my fingers are a little pudgy! For this I’ll give it:

As a Vampire Diaries fan, the ring is honestly spot on. When I first saw the ring on the website, I instantly said in my head ‘DAMON!’ This replica is really amazing and beautiful. Also the D can also be for my name too. Haha I thought that was kind of awesome. There were no chips or anything on the ring when I got it.  For this I’ll give it:


I really like this ring. I’m a huge vampire diaries fan and getting this ring made me really happy. I do not like how fragile it is though. I know the price was cheap but I’ve seen cheaper things that weren’t this fragile, I’ll see if I dropped it hard on concrete, but I have wooden floors and my small coffee table isn’t that high up. I recommend this ring if you aren’t as clumsy as me, if you’re the type of person who can keep up with things and someone who doesn’t drop their phone 10000 times a day then you’ll do just fine with this ring. It’s still looks good, it doesn’t look cheap or feel cheap. Just know you’re getting what you pay for.

The next thing I’m going to be reviewing is this skeleton necklace. This is what it came in. They call it a robot necklace but honestly it looks like jack skeleton so that’s what I call him.

This is how it looks up close. I like how cute it is!

this is the stock picture

This is the back of it

This is how long the chain is

This is the thing that connects the tiny balls together so that you can wear it around your neck without it falling.

As you can see the tiny clip thingy is gone. Blah here’s what happened. I wore this to school and I kinda sorta got gravy on it so I  went back to my class and washed it under water. The water was on really low, but somehow the clip still fell off into the sink(I didn’t hear it go in the sink I’m just assuming this is what happened). This shouldn’t happen, although the clip is designed for it to be connected to both small balls, if one isn’t connected to it, it’s suppose to stay put and not fall off.

The skeleton itself does not feel cheap. Honestly, I thought it’ll feel really plasticy (even though it is clearly metal haha) but it doesn’t, it feels like it was well made. But the chain on the other hand, I believe it was cheap. The clip part isn’t suppose to fall off. I don’t really understand how it fell off in the first place, while I was cleaning Jack i was holding the chain away from the sink and the water was on low. It’s not like I was shaking the chain really hard( I wasn’t shaking at all actually). I was really bummed out that the clip fell off, honestly I’m just going to get a new chain. For this I’ll give it:

I love it! It reminds me so much of Jack, its why I picked it. It looks exactly like it does in the stock picture. For that I’ll give it:


The skeleton is in good shape, it’s in no way cheap. It feels like good metal rather than that low-class metal, you know the metal that you can bend with your fingers? Yeah, it isn’t like that. I’m not saying if you smash it with a hammer it won’t break, but you get what I mean. The chain is what I have a problem with, the chain is cheap and it will fall off. I recommend you buying another chain when you get the necklace, you know just in case it doesn’t fall off or something when you put it down for a second.

Last but not least, the last thing I’m going to be reviewing for you guys is this bracelet. This is what it came in when I took it out of the wrapping.

When I took it out of the plastic this is what it looked like

This is how it looks on my wrist. It doesn’t feel tight at all, it’s actually really lose. I thought for sure it’ll be really tight but I was wrong, I actually prefer it to be lose than tight you know?

This is how the stock picture looks like

There’s a chain that you can hook the hook on

Here’s a close up so you can see the hook i’m talking about. You can adjust the size etc with it.

This is a close up of the camera charm on the bracelet

Here’s a close up of the infinite symbol on the charm bracelet

Close up of the Love word

Close up of the birds

It’s just right for me really. Although it does feel loose, its really comfortable. For this I’ll give it:

I like all of the charms on the bracelet. None of them feel or look cheap at all. I consider this really well made.  For this I’ll give it:

It looks exactly like the stock picture and I’m glad it does. The bracelet is really pretty in my opinion and I’d wear it everyday. For this I’ll give it:


I’m in love with this bracelet, and I recommend it to anyone who enjoys jewelry. Its really lovely, it isn’t too tight or too loose. 

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