I honestly cannot think back to a time where I was this happy with someone. I can pretty much tell him everything without him thinking less of me, I love that he can tell when I am sad, mad etc. I honestly believe that we were meant to meet. He is not perfect, but neither am I. For years I had a picture in my head of someone who I would like to be with and he's not who I pictured at all. But I like that he isn't, I like that life changed it up like that. Its like when Fionna was expecting a prince and got Shrek instead, but look at them now? They're married and with kids and she couldn't be happier. We have our ups and downs, as do all relationships, I do not regret the day I met him and I do not regret the day I started to fall for him. I can say with full confidence that I do not wish to be with anyone else other than him, hopefully he feels the same. I will do just about anything to see him smile, which is rather beautiful if you asked me! He gets me more than anyone else has.
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Tiny vibrators are my favorite thing ever, so cute💕🌙🌸

Do they feel better than normal vibrators or?

Are they faster?
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Discretely slip your hand up my skirt in public and see how long I can stay quiet


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